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David Currie is a Financial Advisor Melbourne who specialises in millennial financial planning so you can buy your first home, learn how to invest, get Superannuation advice and to Grow Your Future.

Have you been looking for a Financial Advisor Melbourne who really gets you and your financial goals?

Oh hello Melbournian👋🏻! Thanks for stopping by and checking us out. If you’re a Millennial, Gen Y or Young Professional looking for strategic financial planning – you’ve come to the right place.

We’re a millennial financial planning company that specialises in working with people just like us – ambitious young professionals who want to grow their future so they can live their dream life – whatever that looks like!

Through personalised financial advice, strategic goal setting, and using the latest technology, we can help you to buy your first home, grow your wealth,  invest ethically for your family’s future, sort out your Super and much more.

We want you to know that it’s totally possible to get on top of your finances, invest into and protect your future, to live the life you want right now, whilst growing your family’s financial future.

We’re not your parents financial advisor.  We actually care about how our clients feel and what is important to them. This is why we do things differently because times have changed, what we want and how we do things are totally different to what your parents did. And we get how hard it can be to get ahead too. All of these factors help to make us the best Financial Advisor Melbourne 😊


How do you find the best Financial Advisor Melbourne…?

David Currie - Brisbane Financial Advisor at Wealthy Self leaning against a street art wall

It can be soooo hard to find the right Financial Advisor Melbourne. Luckily for you, David has over 15 years experience as a financial planner and, we believe, is the BEST Financial Advisor Melbourne who also specialises in helping Millennials, Gen Y’s and Young Professional Families to feel financially free and to Grow their Future (we may be biased though!)

In all seriousness, Wealthy Self is made up of Millennials, Gen Y’s and we are a Young Professional Family too. We walk what we talk, because we work with people just like us – millennials and young professionals who want to buy your first home, who want to learn how to invest, who want solid investment advice from a Financial Advisor Melbourne they can trust. Our clients sing our praises because we care about them, their families and their goals. And we also get them great results so they can feel comfortable and confident that they are growing their wealth, whilst protecting themselves, their families and their future. Win-win!


How does working with a Financial Advisor Melbourne actually work…?

Working with David as your Financial Advisor Melbourne is actually quite simple, thanks to our efficient processes, use of technology and flexible working style. We work with clients all over Australia using these simple steps:


We help you identify your dreams, goals and what’s really important for your family’s future.


With your goals in mind, we review all your options to create a personalised financial action plan that really works for you.


We present and explain your unique strategic Financial Plan so you can be sure it will align with your goals.


We’ll implement your Financial Plan and chosen ongoing membership package, so you can focus on your family.


If applicable, we’ll review your plan to keep you on track to achieve your goals and ensure you’re feeling good about it too!

What our clients are saying about us…

We originally came to Wealthy Self as we were worried about the implications of buying a property and starting a family and how we could do this on a single income.

It was our first time working with a financial adviser and we chose David because being a millennial himself, he can relate to the needs of other millennials which is one of the main reasons we engaged his services – and he also came highly recommended from friends!

He has a no-nonsense approach to money, is thorough in his explanations doesn’t pressure you into acting on aspects of his advice.

We’ve now got a solid financial foundation on which to start the next chapter of our lives. We’ve still got a lot to learn particularly when it comes to investing and making our money work for us but we’re looking forward to it rather than shying away from it like we were before!

10/10 – we would recommend David to anyone looking for a financial advisor!


UI/UX Designer, VIC

It’s been so refreshing to deal with someone who’s on the same page as you – being Gen Y himself, David ‘gets’ you and understands both your challenges and your dreams. He doesn’t speak down to you or baffle you with confusing jargon like lots of other professional advisers do. His sage advice comes from not only personal experience, but also extensive research and planning. He keeps it real.


Marketing Manager, VIC

I came to David looking to get in financial shape, from cash flow to building a savings fund and reviewing my insurances. I have worked with a financial adviser before and to be honest, they didn’t come close to David. In the past I’ve felt financial advisers are unrealistic – they don’t account for enjoying life and unexpected expenses. At times, I’ve also felt judged or embarrassed about my position or knowledge when it comes to finances.

I was drawn to David as I knew he worked closely with young professionals and families, and had a realistic approach that still allowed people to reach their goals. David is so down-to-earth, easy to talk to and no question is a silly question. I feel SO much more in control, motivated to save and excited for what’s to come! I also felt the Statement of Advice was so much easier to understand than other versions I’ve seen – it felt easy to follow and digestible.


Director, VIC, Bossy Creative

First things first...let’s get to know each other!

Want to stress less about money, build your family’s financial future AND still have fun? Start growing your finances and have a chat with David!

David Currie

Wealthy Self Family Financial Planning - David Currie

Hey I’m Dave! Everyone has a mate called Dave and I’d love to be the one that gets to chat to you about your finances (I’m sure your other Dave mates don’t!) Wealthy Self was born and raised in Seddon, Melbourne and I couldn’t be prouder to have so many awesome Melburnians as Wealthy Self clients over the last few years!

Since then, a lot has changed! I’m a young professional financial adviser and first time father, now living in Brisbane with my wife, bubba and pupster. I’m passionate about helping millennials, Gen Y and young professional families, plan for the future, so you can feel organised, clear and financially secure. Then you can spend time doing the important stuff like enjoying life, travelling and raising amazing kids! I thrive on working with my young professional clients to create good financial habits and to nurture a healthy relationship with money, so you can achieve your financial goals. 

I’ve been helping my clients from Melbourne and all over Australia, to create, grow and protect their wealth for over a decade. My vision is to empower young professionals to achieve financial security and flexibility, whilst creating and protecting their wealth, so you can focus on the things that matter to you. This is why I’ve created your free Family Planning Workbook

Together, we can organise and optimise your financial situation so you can have peace of mind for your family’s future.  I’m here to listen and support you to achieve your goals, whatever they are – so if you want to feel financially secure and spend less time stressing about money and more time with your family, book in an appointment today – I’d love to chat further on how we can work together.


David Wealthy Self Founder and Director

Wealthy Self

Empowering young professional families to feel financially secure, Wealthy Self is a family financial planning business with a difference. We’re run by an ambitious, young professional Gen Y family and we understand the challenges of starting and managing a young family, whilst working and trying to enjoy life too! We are here to help you navigate and organise your finances, so you can achieve the greatest financial flexibility to achieve your family’s goals and dreams – whilst protecting yourselves and your assets. We’re passionate about helping young professional families to spend less time managing their finances and more time raising their amazing kids! We empower our members to feel financially secure, by planning for their families future, today.