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Your Goals

At Wealthy Self, we’re here to listen to your goals – whatever they are! They can be financial goals to achieve as an individual or couple – or they can be long term goals for your family’s future! It’s up to you.

It all starts with a goal setting session. Together, we’ll identify what’s important to you in the long and short-term, so we can map out your goal setting path. We’ll also identify how much your goals will cost, how much you can save and explore other options to make your dreams, your reality. 

Our in-depth goal setting session really gets to the heart of what you want and how we can achieve it, so you can feel comfortable about the financial path you’re on.


It sounds simple, but we like to live by this one rule when it comes to your cash flow: Spend Less or Earn More. By working together, ideally we can achieve both, so you can be in the strongest financial position when it comes to your budget and how much cash you have to splash (or save!), to achieve your goals. 

By becoming an ongoing Wealthy Self member, you’ll get exclusive access to the Wealthy Self app which uses the latest technology to track your cash flow movements in real-time. 

Using your real-time financial data, we can identify spending patterns or behaviours that we can review and tweak, to enable you to save more and spend less. After we establish your cash flow position, we’ll then use this information to help you fund your goals, so you can feel motivated and comfortable to start a strong savings plan to achieve your dreams, for you and your family.


Most of us have it, but many of us don’t maxmise its potential. That’s right, we’re talking about your Super! Did you know that there’s so much more to Superannuation than meets the eye? Together, we can clean up and roll up your Super funds, maximise your investment opportunities and organise your insurances. Whether you want to align your Super investments with your social, ethical and political views or you just want to make your Super work harder for you, chances are we can do so much more than just let it sit around until you’re ready to retire and cashout.


If you’re wondering if it’s a good idea to take out a loan to fund your dreams or renovate your home, then talk to us first! Whatever you’re planning, it’s best to be on the front-foot and have a chat with David at Wealthy Self, so we can determine if taking on new debt will really work for you and your family, before you commit to signing on the dotted line.

Together, we’ll review your debt position and can stress test the impact of borrowing more money for your first home, reno, investment property or big idea. We’ll also review your overall financial position and goals to provide a clear and unbiased path so you are better informed to make the right decision for you and your family’s future. 

We know that with a young family, you value quality time with your kids, and we want to help you achieve this so you’re not overextending yourself financially. Then you can feel confident and enjoy life without the financial stress hanging over you.


Ensuring that you and your family’s assets and financial situation are protected should the worst happen, is at the core of Wealthy Self. Together, we’ll discuss the details of your assets, identify high, medium and low-risk areas and talk through various scenarios to ensure we find the right insurances that will protect your family and your lifestyle, should things not go to plan.

We want to make sure that if unexpected sickness, injury or death happens, that you won’t be under financial stress during an emotionally challenging time, so you can focus on the things that really matter – you and your family.


If you’re keen to invest so you can grow your assets in the background, then we’re here to help! Together, we’ll identify what’s important to you, what you hope to achieve and what kind of future you want to create for your family. We can set up a personalised portfolio, help manage your Superannuation investment options and provide tailored investment strategies that align with your values, to create a better future for your kids.

Working with David has been excellent as he really understood our needs and worked flexibly with us, so we could achieve our family’s goals. Now, we have a better understanding of how we are placed financially, which gives us peace of mind and has opened our eyes to options for further improvement. We would absolutely recommend David and Wealthy Self as they were professional, personal and easy to work with!

Matt, Nina & Family

Teachers, QLD

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Wealthy Self can refer you to an accountant, solicitor, mortgage broker, property professionals or other specialist at your request. We all work together for a common cause – helping you to achieve your financial goals. We can also work with your existing accountant or service professional – just let us know and we’ll get in contact with them.