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David was by far the most thorough, efficient, effective and trustworthy financial advisor we’ve ever had. His ability to assimilate with the younger generation through modern financial practice allowed him to secure the most effective strategy for our financial position.

By working with Wealthy Self, we’ve reduced our debt, increased savings, have personalized insurances and improved our overall financial wealth and knowledge. We feel positive and more confident with than ever before with our current financial position. I’d tell others if they want improved financial wealth and independence, then don’t waste any time with anyone else and see David at Wealthy Self straight away!

Brendan and Melissa

Project and Account Manager, QLD

I came to David looking to get in financial shape, from cash flow to building a savings fund and reviewing my insurances. I have worked with a financial adviser before and to be honest, they didn’t come close to David. In the past I’ve felt financial advisers are unrealistic – they don’t account for enjoying life and unexpected expenses. At times, I’ve also felt judged or embarrassed about my position or knowledge when it comes to finances.

I was drawn to David as I knew he worked closely with young professionals and families, and had a realistic approach that still allowed people to reach their goals. David is so down-to-earth, easy to talk to and no question is a silly question. I feel SO much more in control, motivated to save and excited for what’s to come! I also felt the Statement of Advice was so much easier to understand than other versions I’ve seen – it felt easy to follow and digestible.


Director, VIC, Bossy Creative

We came to Wealthy Self for help with our financial management, to get advice on budgeting, and to help us with our Superannuation and mortgage. Working with David has been excellent as he really understood our needs and worked flexibly with us, so we could achieve our family’s goals. Now, we have a better understanding of how we are placed financially, which gives us peace of mind and has opened our eyes to options for further improvement. We would absolutely recommend David and Wealthy Self as they were professional, personal and easy to work with!

Matt, Nina & Family

Teachers, Marymount College, QLD

I first came to Wealthy Self because I was looking for advice on getting trauma cover and general financial planning. David is the first financial advisor I have worked with and he explained the entire process so I knew what to expect. He also explained all the financial jargon and terms that I wasn’t familiar with, which made me feel better.  David made sure I was comfortable with everything and he communicated clearly and frequently with me to ensure there were no delays or ambiguity. If anyone is looking for a financial advisor, David is my first choice because he is very clear, patient and knowledgeable.


Administration Officer, NSW

I had a great meeting with David where he provided professional general advice. He was very approachable and willing to address my questions, regardless of how basic they may have seemed. He clearly has a passion for assisting others, not just with improving their circumstances, but also with building their knowledge so that they can make informed decisions.

I would recommend Wealthy Self to others, especially millennials who are seeking genuine professional support. I’m looking forward to another session with them in the future!


Senior Projects and Grants Officer, YSAS, VIC

We highly recommend David at Wealthy Self for anything finance and insurance-related. He helped us to set up our whole financial plan and new insurance policies that really work for us and our family. He was so professional, organised and easy to deal with. It’s never too early to set up your finances or plan for your retirement! David is the best!

Corrin and Simon

Marketing Manager and Aircraft Maintenance Engineer, SA

We originally came to Wealthy Self as we were worried about the implications of buying a property and starting a family and how we could do this on a single income.

It was our first time working with a financial adviser and we chose David because being a millennial himself, he can relate to the needs of other millennials which is one of the main reasons we engaged his services – and he also came highly recommended from friends!

He has a no-nonsense approach to money, is thorough in his explanations doesn’t pressure you into acting on aspects of his advice.

We’ve now got a solid financial foundation on which to start the next chapter of our lives. We’ve still got a lot to learn particularly when it comes to investing and making our money work for us but we’re looking forward to it rather than shying away from it like we were before!

10/10 – we would recommend David to anyone looking for a financial advisor!


UI/UX Designer, VIC

It’s been so refreshing to deal with someone who’s on the same page as you – being Gen Y himself, David ‘gets’ you and understands both your challenges and your dreams. He doesn’t speak down to you or baffle you with confusing jargon like lots of other professional advisers do. His sage advice comes from not only personal experience, but also extensive research and planning. He keeps it real.


Marketing Manager, VIC

Being immigrants to Australia, my partner and I weren’t very confident with the Australian financial systems. We’re about to get married and one day want to start a family and so we came to David to start planning for our future, to get in control of our finances and increase our financial knowledge.

Neither of us had ever worked with a financial adviser before! Our experience was limited to one or two skim reads of ‘The Barefoot Investor’. David was so patient, thoughtful, and thorough. He really understood that we wanted something more tailored to who we really are, rather than the one-size-fits-all approach that some other financial planning companies seem to take. 

David understood our desire to live in an inner-north rental unit instead of buying a house in the suburbs. And he didn’t bat an eyelid when we told him our travel budget!  We felt he got to know and understand us and wanted to work with how our lives really are instead of society’s expectations. He made us feel comforted, enlightened and he built up our financial confidence. 

Working with David is the best decision we’ve ever made for our finances!


Learning Specialist, VIC

I had never worked with a financial advisor before but David really listened to us, answered all of our questions and answered very honestly. When I came to Wealthy Self, I was worried about our financial future and that our savings weren’t working as hard as they could be for us. From the start David was informative, not pushy and did what he said he would do – his communication was top notch!


Workplace Manager

I first came to Wealthy Self to fully restructure my investment portfolio. It was my first time working with a financial adviser, and it was an enjoyable experience! David was very relaxed and calming, whilst still giving me all the technical terms and processes.


Logistics Graduate, VIC

When we reached out to David he was immediately warm, personable and explained things in a really clear manner. We have worked with a few financial advisers before, and it always felt like we didn’t know what was going on and we were worried that we wouldn’t understand the terminology and how it all works.

David’s attention to detail was impeccable and we knew that he had our best interests at heart – it didn’t feel fake or forced like some other advisers we have dealt with and our interactions were genuine. He conducted significant research into our existing arrangement and possible options, and throughout the process we felt well informed for the decisions we were making.


Marketing Manager, VIC

David has been invaluable, he is open and friendly, available for discussions and honest in his approach. I didn’t feel I was ‘sold’ insurances that I didn’t need because David works with integrity, honesty and is really approachable. If I could change anything, I would have spoken to David six years ago when we arrived in Australia. We didn’t have the knowledge we have now and I wish I could turn back the clock!


School Officer, QLD

I first came to Wealthy Self to roll up all of my superannuation funds into a single fund and find the best rates. I had never worked with a financial advisor before, but working with David was a helpful first experience. He is honest, he explained everything clearly and he is a nice guy to talk to. The level of communication I received was great!


Postal Delivery Officer, QLD

My husband and  I were looking for advice on preparing for our retirement, when we came to David at Wealthy Self. We have had previous financial advice from other people before, but we found David to be trustworthy, confident and very efficient and prompt in replying to any queries.


Dental Nurse, QLD

I was very impressed with David’s efficiency and attention to detail and I wanted to thank him for his guidance over the few months we worked together. I would be very happy to recommend Wealthy Self to anyone seeking financial advice!


Project Manager, QLD

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