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If you’ve never used a financial adviser, you might be wondering what people like me actually do and if I can actually help you. And that’s a totally fair question! Because what a good financial adviser should do and what you sometimes can get aren’t necessarily the same thing. But I know from my decade of working in the financial sector, that when you work with someone who actually cares about you, then a few small changes can make a huge financial difference!

Grand goal setting

This first thing that I do as an adviser, is to help you identify what you want (what you really, really want), then to work out when you want it, how much it will cost and how badly you really, really want to achieve this goal. Because how much you really want your goal, will determine how much you need to do, change and save to get there. As your adviser, I work with you (and your partner if you have one) to bring clarity to your goal(s) so we can make them specific and measurable, so you have a realistic and achievable target to work towards. Whether it’s saving to buy your first family home, starting a business or traveling the world, I’ll work with you on your most important goal, to help you get there quicker.

Getting real with your current reality

As your adviser, I then work with you to gather information on your current personal and financial position. Why? Because now that you’ve got an amazing goal to reach we need to know how close you are to make your goal, your reality. There will be a couple of conversations to make sure we’ve got everything to find your Starting Point, so the plan we put in place is tailored to you, your specific situation and your unique goal, then we can set you on the path to success!

Specific success strategies

Now that you have a specific goal that you really want to achieve and we’ve identified your Starting Point, I can now get to work and recommend to you the most important, relevant and appropriate strategy to help you achieve your goal!  Strap in, because this is where it gets really exciting as we turn the numbers into action to help you get onto the path to the life you want to live!

I’ll be your best accountability buddy

Once your plan is in action, that’s where the work really begins. The hardest part of staying on the path to success is not getting distracted by the turnoff when you get to a crossroads.

At this time, it’s vital to have someone to keep you accountable and committed to help you stay on track. And that’s where I’ll be your best accountability buddy! Together, we will schedule regular and routine phone calls, emails, and harness the power of technology to automate and track your progress through the handy Wealthy Self app.*

So, in a nutshell, as your adviser, I’m here to help you make the best financial decisions possible with your current situation, to help you achieve your goals and to feel financially free and in control of your own future. Read more about what I do as a financial adviser.

Can’t wait to get started? Great! Book in your free chat with me to get the ball rolling and let’s get you on the path to success today.


*The Wealthy Self app is exclusive to Wealthy Self clients.


General Advice Disclaimer

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